Monday, December 7, 2009

DIY Bottle Cap Choker Necklace!

We are going to show you how to make your very own bottle cap choker necklace. These are very hip and the latest trend right now! And they are fun to wear and switch out your favorite bottle cap designs to match whatever outfit you're wearing!

Here are the supplies that you will need:
-bottle caps (flattened or unflattened)
-bottle cap images
-epoxy dots
-nylon chokers
-e-6000 glue
-super strong neodymium magnets

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Gather your supplies

STEP 2: Glue the bottle cap images into
the inside of the bottle cap

STEP 3: Place images and get epoxy dots
ready for placement

STEP 4: Place epoxy dots on top of images -
making sure to seal image securely by pressing
firmly on all parts of epoxy dot.

STEP 5: Glue on magnet

This is what the finished back the of bottle cap will look like

STEP 6: Looping the nylon choker through the washer
by pulling it through the open middle part like this.

Next - pull one end of the nylon through
the open end of the opposite side like this.

Finally pull the nylon tight -
and this is what you should get.

Do this for all of your chokers.

You're finished! This is what your finished
product should look like! Enjoy!