Saturday, June 26, 2010

DIY Mini Bottle Cap Jewelry

Mini Bottle Cap Earrings
We are going to show you how to make your very own mini bottle cap earrings in 5 easy steps! These unique earrings are the perfect hassle free project for kids and adults.

Here are the supplies that you will need:
-mini bottle cap pendants

-mini digital images (1/2 inch)

-1/2" epoxy dots

-1/2" hole punch
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Gather your supplies

Choose the perfect design and punch it with your 1/2 inch hole punch.

Glue the design into your mini bottle caps.

Peel off the epoxy dot from the vellum paper,
trying to carefully keep your finger tips to the
of the dot (if you touch the underside,
sticky part
of the dot, it will show your fingerprints!
Just a
little FYI!) Then place the dot on top of the image.

Attach your bottle cap pendant to the fish hook
earring wires. This can be done fairly easily
without tools.

You're done! Enjoy these super cute earrings!
Kids will love to have a pair to match each
outfit. My 7 year old daughter created her own
pair while I was making these and we had a blast! I
only needed to help her attach the bottle cap pendant to
the earring. I highly recommend this craft as a
creative project without frustration and one that
will get lots of use instead of thrown in the garbage
after a few days like so many of the crafts that are fun
to do with kids.

Check out our creative ideas page at
for more fun mini bottle cap ideas!

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